In 1954 Brian Flegel’s grandfather found a growing market in the furniture industry, a foundation in which Menlo Park’s, Flegel’s, was born. Fifty-two years later, after growing up working in the store and exploring other options Brian Flegel became interested in managing Flegel’s and joined the business in 2006.
Throughout his years at Flegel’s Brian has taken an artistic aspect within his work.
“I want the floor plan to inspire people to get the same furniture,” Brian said.
While furniture that is more convenient to buy online challenges him, Brian finds the silver linings within his employees that care about the industry and hand pick furniture for their customers to match their designs at home.

When Brian Isn’t focused on Flegel’s, you’ll see him focusing on his two and a half year old son, his acting in theater, or sound editing.


About the photo-journalist: Jose Sainz-Medina

This collection of photographs and articles serves as a form of storytelling; it highlights business owners who have established their roots in Menlo Park and have faced challenges, as well as notable achievements throughout their lives. Jose Sainz-Medina hopes to serve as a visual storyteller. A storyteller who can interpret the stories that people, like business owners, want to tell about themselves and their business, explaining who they are and what their business provides to the community. After four years of studying photography and two years of journalism at Eastside College Prep high school, Jose developed a love for both visually and verbally communicating to those who are willing to listen.  In his spare time, Jose spends hours at his local Starbucks making coffee, as well as focusing his photography towards architecture and natural landscapes. In the fall, Jose will face his own challenges as he begins his college career at the University of California, Riverside.